Monday, October 13, 2008

The lighter side of the banking crisis

Here's an unexpected upside to the credit crunch, according to the Torygraph:
"Sales of maternity clothes and baby equipment have soared, along with those of pregnancy tests and sex toys.

It comes as home-delivery pizza company Domino's reported a 20 per cent sales rise in the first half of this year, while a report from financial services firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers predicted meals out and trips to the pub would be the first luxuries to go in a recession.

Mothercare said its sales have gone up by more than 20 per cent, while baby clothing firm Mamas And Papas has reported a 46 per cent increase in maternity dress sales.

Chemists around the country have reportedly seen a rise in sales of pregnancy test kits while online company reported a 27 per cent increase in sales.

Website spokeswoman Monique Carty said the most popular products were those specifically designed for couples.

"We are gobsmacked by the upturn in sales, while everyone else seems to be suffering," she said.

But Miranda Levy, editor of Mother & Baby Magazine, said cost-conscious couples were not thinking long-term.

"What's cheaper and more fun than making babies?" She said. "The trouble is, when they come out they are really expensive."
I find this disgusting. Domino's pizza indeed. Have these people no taste? People who like Domino's pizzas have no business breeding.

Elsewhere there was the Economist's take on the banking crisis:

Stolen from Paulie - which is ok cos he stole it from somewhere else.

And Tom Freeman explains why all this represents a black day for British journalism. What we need is some new clichés.

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