Thursday, February 03, 2005

Iraqi Elections

In my previous post, I wrote: "I'm not overly optimistic but I'll dispense with my customary agnosticism and pray to god that on Sunday, more goes right with this election than not." Praise god - but I'm still agnostic, so I'll keep my fingers crossed as well.

The trashing of the election by the opponents of the war have been entirely predictable: turnout low; process not entirely free and fair etc. I've been off ill for a few days and, frankly, I'm too weary to deal with such tired cynicism in any detail. They do, of course, entirely miss the significance of this: despite opposing the occupation and in many cases, opposing the invasion; despite the chaos that is the post-war situation; despite the chillingly simple slogans, "you vote - you die" - it seems clear a majority of Iraqis have said no to the insurgency and yes to the possibility of democracy. With no such dangers, only a pathetic 59% turned out at the last election here and I won't even tell you what it was in the last elections for the Scottish Parliament because, frankly, I'm embarrassed.

Do you think George Galloway et al will drop their "support the resistance" line now that it's clear their rosy view of the "resistance" isn't shared by the Iraqi people?

Neither do I.

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