Saturday, April 21, 2007

Brawling Buddhists

These guys are pure hard-core:
"Rival groups of Buddhist monks brawled in the streets of the Cambodian capital yesterday during a protest march.

The clashes came as about 50 monks demonstrated in Phnom Penh against religious restrictions on colleagues across the border in southern Vietnam.

The marchers, who said that they were from southern Vietnam, were confronted by another band of six monks outside a Buddhist temple. The groups clashed in a fist fight and some of the protesters tossed water bottles at their opponents. One monk was injured in the brawl."
Cambodia should be proud of them, in my view. They put the tepid, lentil-munching variety we produce in this country to shame.

Monks from the Don't Fuck With Me Order. If Phnom Penh doesn't appreciate them, I think they should be made honorary Glaswegians and given the freedom of the city.

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