Thursday, July 12, 2007

More intermission

Sorry, recovered now but still nothing substantial to say.

So no change there.

On T in the park: if you get a chance to camp there - don't. And if you need the toilet - hold it in. In fact, if you're of a delicate disposition, don't go at all. Someone described it as Glasgow neds day out - which from experience strikes me as being fairly accurate. Glastonbury it ain't.

Reading this at the mo'. I'll do a thing on it when I'm done.

Other news: vegetarian girlfriend is now eating fish. This is excellent - give me another year or so and she'll be doing the sirloin steak in brandy sauce. My own view is that there's very little excuse for herbivorism but in her defence I'd have to say that at least she's aware that a fish is not a goddam vegetable - which is more than can be said for many supposed 'vegetarians'.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere: HP have already linked it, but it's worth doing again. Money quote from Mr E:
"I must say that it takes a special kind of moron to be outwitted by Richard fucking Littlejohn."
I can only concur. Find out why here.

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