Sunday, September 16, 2007

Management wasting my goddam time

In response to this half-assed study on the productivity lost by workers wasting time farting about on Facebook and other 'networking sites', Chris Dillow commented:
"And what's so special about wasting time on networking sites? How much time gets wasted in pointless meetings, or because the IT is crap, or because the air-conditioning doesn't work, or because people get delayed by lousy transport etc etc? Bad management is surely a vaster source of wasted time that Facebook."
Indeed - how could anyone who isn't management working today disagree? Seems there's no escape: everyone, as well as actually doing the goddam job they're paid to do, has to spend further pointless hours filling in bloody forms saying what they're going to do, and then recording what they've actually done. Then you get a 'professional review' where the reviewer reviews these pointless forms and duly records this fact on other forms. Then they get reviewed...

Then there's the training days, at the end of which there are other goddam forms to fill in. "What did you learn?" Fuck knows - that talking complete shite is a surefire path to promotion into some non-job that has 'development' and/or 'co-ordinator' in the title?

Anyway, Glasgow City Council - time and money-wasters par excellence - have decided in their infinite wisdom to put all Typepad and Blogger sites behind a firewall.

I am most displeased.

This has the disadvantage that as well as not being able to read my own waste of space, I can't even peruse my favourite blogs during the day. (Perhaps they could be persuaded to switch to Wordpress? GCC haven't spotted that one.)

But it does have the advantage that I can now say exactly what I think about the stupid killjoy bastards. Harsh? Well, how else would you describe a council that allows access to every moonbat jihadi site you can think of but screens historical sites about the rise of Hitler under the category 'racism/hate' and who won't even give you a sachet of salt to put on the insipid food they serve in their evil canteens because of some vaunted concern for the nation's health?

I mean, if they're so concerned about my health, I have a few suggestions about how they might take steps to stop deliberately raising my blood-pressure.

Whoever was responsible for the invention and proliferation of the expression 'journey to excellence' could be taken out and shot, for example.

This would make me feel much better.

And if re-branding janitors as 'facilities management co-ordinators' was designed to cheer them up, I have to say there's precious little evidence of it having worked.

But it's made me more depressed.

As does the fact that Glasgow City Council apparently employs an 'acronym tsar' to put stupid signs up in corridors throughout the city's schools.

Ok, they don't really.

Oh and by the way: if you really want the kids to eat school dinners, have you ever considered making them nicer? This would involve not using sawdust and old socks as your key ingredients. Just a thought.

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