Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year

To one and all. Read this with interest because I'm in the process of giving up the fags. The failure rate is pretty high so I won't claim not having a smoke for two days means I've conquered the habit - but, as those who know me will confirm, this is unprecedented behaviour. I'm not going for the Nicotine Replacement Therapy because I've always known that the nicotine hit wasn't the only reason I smoked. I liked the point in the article linked above about people's increasing reluctance to acknowledge any benefits of smoking. It reminded me of former colleague who used to go on about smoking being a 'totally negative habit'. Yet for me the fact that it pissed him off was an unquestionably positive side to smoking. In general saying, 'fuck you' has always been an important aspect of smoking's attraction for me but I guess there are plenty of other ways of doing this.

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