Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bugger blogging - here's some big John goodness

Via Laban I see someone's put the studio version of Hurt in Your Heart on YouTube.

I'm liking this from Bless the Weather...

But some splendid individual has posted the following track. Unsure but it might be my favourite. It has the jazz, the blues, the sexual swagger, the voice used like a saxophone, the loose and lush instrumentation - the quintessence of John Martyn - from this album...

Also in the same year, the extremely spaced-out Hawkwind got to number 11 in the charts with this proto-punk number.

Speaking of punk, I learn from this volume that apparently John Martyn once gave Sid Vicious a beating. As if there wasn't enough reasons to like him already. Sorry to interrupt. What was that you were saying about the Middle East? Yeah, whatever...

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