Sunday, April 24, 2011

On sectarianism

Came across two rather different articles about this today. The first from Tom Devine:
"We should all be clear that the world is now fully aware about our sinister little secret."
Ho hum. Then there's this from Steve Bruce in CiF:
"Most Scots are not football fans; most fans do not support Rangers or Celtic; most Rangers and Celtic fans are not religious bigots. That some Rangers and Celtic fans wind each other up by falsely claiming to have strong religio-ethnic identities which are offended by the equally false religio-ethnic identities of the other side is not a reason for the rest of us to take such ritual posturing as the basis for judging the polity, society and culture of an entire country."
Felt like someone had opened a window. The Old Firm game was nil-nil today. Who give a fuck? Not me - nor do a majority of Scots.

Update: The Scotsman reports that there were...
"[N]ine people arrested after the game, with six arrests made in the grounds and another three immediately outside.

A police spokesperson said all arrests were for "minor offences", such as being drunk inside the stadium and breach of the peace."
The horror! Lennon makes a gesture. Not even a rude one. Police involved. We've got our hands full up here.

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