Saturday, November 05, 2011

EiS members vote to strike

Yes we did. Hootsmon commentators speak they're branes:
"Teachers go too work after the traffic jambs are over, leave too go home before they begin, don't work week-ends, have great holidays and retire early on ill health...
From someone calling himself 'McNasty', who is apparently too McStoopid even to know what time school starts. And Pa Broon?
"I certainly won't be loosing any sleep over the teachers strike...
I blame the teachers, myself.

You don't really need a date for the last time teachers went on strike, do you?

Update: I like this one too:
"Exam scores keep going up yet educational attainment keeps going down. Not much of a system. Lets hope they strike for a long time so the educational system can be retooled."
Well, Alan Craige, you're certainly a tool - perhaps you might consider yourself a candidate?

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