Saturday, April 14, 2012


Adalbert of Prague, put to death with a pikestaff with seven points, Adrian, hammered to death over an anvil, Afra of Ausburg, burnt at the stake, Agapitus of Praeneste, burnt at the hanging by his feet, Agnes of Rome, disembowelled, Agricola of Bologna, crucified and impaled on nails, Agueda of Sicily, stabbed six times, Alphege of Canterbury, beaten to death with the shinbone of an ox, Anastasius of Salona, strung up on the gallows and decapitated, Ansanus of Siena, his entrails ripped out, Antonious of Pamiers, drawn and quartered, Antony of Rivola, stoned and burned alive, Apollinaris of Ravenna, clubbed to death, Apollonia of Alexandria, burnt at the stake after her teeth had been knocked out, Augusta of Treviso, decapitated and burnt at the stake, Aurea of Ostia, drowned with a millstone round her neck, Aurea of Syria, bled to death by being forced on to a chair covered with nails, Auta, shot with arrows, Babylas of Antioch...

This is taking too long - think I better skip to the present day, starting with G. George Carey, former Archbishop of Cantebury, has his views published in the Daily Telegraph.

Says Christians in Britain are being persecuted.


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