Sunday, December 16, 2012

A farewell to arms

There isn't much one anyone can say about the Newton school massacre that hasn't already been said in a different context.  Much of what has been said makes even less sense now than it did in the past.  Like the notion that what America needs to solve the problem of gun-violence is more guns.  Or the attempt to psychologise and discern the pathology of a nation.  One assumes that the Americans aren't any more disposed to violence or mental illness than anyone else - it's just that they have more guns.  It isn't, therefore, the time to have a debate about gun-control but for politicians to have just a fraction of the courage shown by those brave teachers and stand up and say candidly that the second amendment needs to be repealed.  To argue against this on the basis of what the 'Founding Fathers' intended for the American republic is to revere the dead over those who live and die today.

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