Sunday, September 18, 2005

Where's the outrage?

As asked here. It's a very good question, although I couldn't agree with all of the responses.

There's a response here that's good - although if I could add: I'm saving my outrage for the day that expressing a viewpoint actually becomes a crime - but the government's proposed bill that would outlaw "glorifying terrorism" is so fantastically illiberal that surely even our normally docile legislature will shoot it down in flames?

Entirely typical of this government: cover there own past failures to enforce already existing legislation by pretending that what is required is endless new legislation.

It's not that Blair doesn't believe in democracy; sometimes I think he believes in it too much. While democracy and liberty have historically and philosphically complimented each other for the most part, they are two different things: the latter does not necessarily flow from the former; and it is the latter that I suspect Blair doesn't believe in at all - not even a little bit.

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