Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The perils of personalismo

Spanking, swinging, threesomes - Tommy Sheridan is my kind of politician. Not so much a champagne as a PVC socialist. Or maybe a PVC and champagne socialist, according to the News of the World's lawyers.

Only his problem is he pretended to be one of those scary hairshirt types. Allegedly.

Anyway, regardless of the outcome of this defamation trial, the SSP will surely split. I think I'd rather join Tommy's wing, along with the 'silent majority' of the pro-spanking rank and file - sounds like more fun. I mean, party discipline meetings? The mind boggles.

Someone once said righteous indignation is 2% righteousness, 3% indignation and 95% envy and this is what will do for Tommy. Not so much a question of hypocrisy, more the suspicion that he's been having too much fun. Allegedly.

There's no point saying it's his private life. I deeply and sincerely wish politicians would tell the tabloids, who operate on the basis that there's no such thing as a private life, where to go. But Tommy's opportunity to do this passed when he chose to say, "It wasnae me", instead of, "Fuck off and mind your own business".

So good luck with the case, comrade Sheridan - from what I've heard, you're certainly going to need it.

Tommy Sheridan: "Sing it with me: The people's glove is deepest red..."

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