Thursday, November 09, 2006

More stupid Christians

This time it's Ekklesia, who think wearing a red poppy 'stifles debate':
"The director of Ekklesia, Jonathan Bartley, says people should be able to choose between red or white ones.

He told the BBC: "The red poppy suggests the idea that our soldiers died for freedom but that's not a value-free position.
Mr Bartley, writing in an edition of the Anglican newspaper The Church Times, said that the red poppy implied redemption can come through war."
Pass the machine gun. You'll struggle to find a historian, or anyone else for that matter, who doesn't think WWI was a tragic waste of human life. We wear a red poppy to remember them, a commemoration - not because we believe in the 'redemptive power of war' or anything. And the next line floored me:
"He wrote that the Christian story implies redemption through non-violent sacrifice, and therefore the white poppy is more Christian than the red type."
Sorry but the Crucifixion was central to the 'Christian story' last time I looked. Tad violent as far as sacrifices go, no? Where do we get all these dim clerics from?

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