Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Scotland gets new education minister

Jack McConnell paid tribute to the 'hugely-popular' out-going education minister Peter Peacock:
"The First Minister said Mr Peacock was leaving the education system "in good shape", with morale high, increasing numbers of teachers entering the profession and pupil attainment improving."
Morale is indeed sky-high. Speaking for myself, I come into work almost giddy with euphoria - and I know most of my fellow professionals feel the same.

Anyway, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, the rather nice Mr Peacock is being replaced with Hugh Henry. You know the type - former leftwing 'firebrand' who has since become a New Labourite. John Reid without the charm in other words. Look forward to a growth in the use of 'progressive', talk of the 'challenges facing us in the 21st century' etc. Generally these types no longer believe greater equality is even desirable, never mind possible - but the economic determinism dies hard. Liberty in the form of decentralisation? Forget it.

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