Sunday, May 24, 2009

'The courage of the godly'

I'm concerned this will look inappropriate on top of two light-hearted posts but in any event, I can't bring myself to say much about this story. Instead, I'll direct you to some other people's thoughts on the subject, which overlap with my own. The title of this post is borrowed from Nick Cohen's here - and there's also this and this.

I would, however, like to express my heartfelt appreciation for Madeline Bunting's piece here. It is righteousness expressed as doubt - and I think it behooves people of faith to take note.

I would also like to express my utter contempt for an appalling article by Mary Kenny who claims that she has had nothing to say about the subject in the past because, "I honestly have no experience of it." I trust she'll remember this important restriction to her pontificating the next time she feels moved to write a column about abortion. And in an irrelevant discourse about priests having mistresses she says, "Yes, it's against the rules, but didn't Jesus Christ say that the just man falls 77 times a day?"

No Mary, he didn't. He did say that if anyone causes one of these little ones offence, it would be better for him to have a millstone tied around his neck and then thrown into the sea.

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