Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Everyone has to have a view, apparently. Here's a selection from across the political spectrum that one is inclined to agree with:


Uh huh.

Quite likely - not interested enough to investigate further.

Amused to see that ConservativeHome retracted an earlier story and have decided in the face of the polling evidence that no one, after all, seems to give a flying fuck if Brown is prone to the odd tantrum.

Underneath it all, there's a couple of sharp observations. Here's one from Mary Riddell in a piece that is well-worth reading in full:
"Mr Brown can win on policy. He can also, if he chooses, give Labour voters what they want, whereas Mr Cameron cannot, on issues ranging from Europe to the economy, satisfy his party's disparate demands. When it comes to character, Mr Cameron is too flexible in his credo, while Mr Brown is too unbending."
By 'underneath it all' I mean underneath a pile of bullshit pieces that claim to identify the 'real issue' behind 'bullygate'. Oh fuck off! Honestly!

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