Sunday, February 14, 2010

Goldie Hawn to run England's schools

Ok, so it doesn't quite say that - but still...
"The Tories are in talks with foreign educational groups - including one run by Hollywood actress Goldie Hawn - to set up state schools in Britain.

Shadow Education Secretary Michael Gove says he is talking to the French government and a Swedish schools chain.

And he told The Sunday Times his team had also spoken to Ms Hawn's charity, which promotes Buddhist values."
Filed under: thank fuck I don't live in England. Meanwhile, perhaps someone can explain Mr Gove's reasoning for this?
"What we want to do, for example, is to allow organisations like a Swedish company, the International English School, the chance to come here to teach the sort of rigorous academic curriculum which too many students, particularly students in poorer parts of the country, are denied."
You have the National Curriculum down there, yes? Introduced by a Conservative government, if memory serves. Yet Mr Gove doesn't think this provides an academic curriculum that is sufficiently rigorous? Why have it, then?

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