Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Nick Clegg must hang...

Sorry, meant to write a title that reflected the contents of this post, which is about AV, but that kept floating through my mind.

Anyway, AV referendum, eh?

Not quite as hardcore but I'm more or less with Paulie on the subject of referendums.

With Nick Cohen when he argues that AV is this orphaned child that actually no-one wants - as if there wasn't enough reason not to have some stupid referendum on the subject.

Not with Sunny at all with this short-term strategic bollocks about how it would look 'unprincipled' for Labour to oppose it. This from someone who advocated a vote for the Lib Dems and is now striking a pose as the voice of opposition? Gimme a fucking break...

With various people who think it is a stupid idea to have it the same date as the Scottish elections but not with those who use this form of words:
"Scottish ministers reacted with fury this morning after it emerged that the UK Government intends to hold a referendum on proportional representation on 5 May next year – the same day as the Scottish Parliament elections."
The government is not planning to hold a referendum on PR because AV is a majoritarian and not a proportional system. Honestly. If I can be arsed, I'll vote 'no'. More probably spoil my ballot paper by scrawling the words, 'Nick Clegg must hang' across it.

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