Wednesday, January 05, 2011

'Nudge' economics

I think I'm getting a handle on this now. It goes something like this? To lose weight, overweight people should eat less (oops!) fewer pies - according to Prof McGlumpher, a nutrition expert at the University of the Useless and the Overpaid.

Or binge drinking:
"Richard Thaler, a professor at Chicago University, suggests that groups of three or more should set up a tab to be split at the end of the evening to stop each member of a party feeling obligated to buy a round for everyone."
Three. He said a party of three or more. Only an American could think having three pints constitutes binge-drinking.

Did I mention he's a big influence on our Prime Minister?

Anyway, lemme try another one:

To avoid injury, people should not attempt to iron their clothes whilst still wearing them.

See, you were thinking of doing this but now you've been 'nudged' in the right direction. It's all very 'Big Society'. Think I'm getting the hang of it now. It's like the small society, only more stupid...

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