Friday, January 28, 2011

People losing their damn minds #28

Now there's always the possibility that someone will join the dots and I'll get into trouble for this but it's just too insane not to share. The following email regarding an erstwhile pupil has been forwarded to me. Names have been deleted to protect the guilty:
"Hi folks

As you may be aware, _____ _______ S3 is currently on the big screen in a cinema near you. He plays the lead character as a young boy in the film NEDs which is on general release. This is quite an achievement and a performance and I'd urge you to go along and see the film if you get a chance. ________ _______ S3 also has a small part in the film.

Enjoy your weekend!

[From DHT in unspecified Glasgow school who is intelligent and reasonably effective but who has, sadly, clearly gone and lost her goddamn mind.]"
Given that one can experience exposure to this pupil during the course of one's working day for free, you think we should use our spare time to pay for this privilege why, exactly? The only plausible explanation I can come up with is because you are completely out of your gourd.

[NEDS: a film that I have absolutely no intention whatsoever of going to see. Likely to be popular amongst Guardian readers and other people who's lives are so comfortable, they feel the need to go out and purchase a little grit for recreation in order to feel more authentic.]

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