Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Being made surplus

According to this piece in the Scotsman, 20% of parents refuse to send their children to their local school.

Not sure I can blame them - and I think I'm going to start taking the same approach. According to this, my previous school had the dubious distinction of being the school in Glasgow that recorded the highest level of assaults on teachers in 2003/4.

In the modern culture of compulsory euphemism I suppose we should be positive and see this as a form of excellence. My present school, encouragingly, is in second place; this afternoon, I think I'll provoke some of the more aggressive fourth years and see if we can't top the league table.

The net result is that negative publicity, combined with a general shift to the suburbs, has produced a declining population in Glasgow's schools - including my own, which is why I'm being made surplus. Dunno how it works in England but here it means that, while your present job disappears, the Council (aka "GOSPLAN") finds you another post.

Can't say I'm too happy about the options though because they're all feckin' miles away - one of them isn't even in Glasgow - having only been included on some technicality. The other two are close to the city boundary on the opposite end from where I live.

Sometimes I think our commissar for education is out to get me. Paranoid? Possibly - but that doesn't mean...

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