Thursday, March 03, 2005

Scotland's Economy

According to a CBI survey, the Scottish economy may not be in such bad shape after all. Amongst their findings were that Edinburgh is now the UK's second most prosperous city. More surprising is that Glasgow isn't far behind; measured by GDP per capita, Glasgow is significantly ahead of cities such as Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester.

This tends to confirm one's own impressions of the old home town. The West End is, apparently, one of the top ten "hot spots" in the country - the average house staying on the market for only two weeks. There has also been in the last few years a palpable increase in car ownership.

Also from the Scotsman, Ian McLean - professor of politics at Oxford - has estimated that independence could lose Scotland up to £8bn per year in revenue.

Don't tell Stuart Dickson at Independence - that sort of thing just gets him upset...

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