Friday, March 18, 2005

What your drink says about you

Lifted from the BBC, the above is a piece of research purporting to reveal people's personalities by their choice of drink.

Hmmm, when taking a refreshment of an evening, I always start with one of these:

According to the research findings, those of us partial to this are, "experimental and constantly creative in thought and behaviour. However, the majority of these ideas are never acted upon when they are superseded by other ideas." Um, like the superseding idea of getting another round in?

We lager-drinkers are also, apparently, "most likely to enjoy jazz, media and unusual art. They are above mere fashion and favour the drama of wearing black."

This has to be bollocks, surely? Had a few on Wednesday with a couple of comrades while watching Celtic vs Cally Thistle. Bar the tiny smattering of women there, just about everyone in the damn pub was drinking lager.

Now, it may be sectarian prejudice on my part - and I know that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and all that - but I really didn't get the impression that many of the green wearing patrons were likely to be jazz fans or purveyors of unusual art...

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