Monday, April 25, 2005

Kennedy seeks Iraq war 'justice'

Chick is repeating the line he used in the European elections and is hoping to capitalise on the Lib Dems "principled" opposition to the war:

"Every Labour and Conservative candidate should be held to account by voters over the Iraq war", Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy has argued.
Yeah well, despite the fact that Liberals are almost as rare as Tories in Glasgow, if I track down a candidate, I think I'll be looking for the Liberal Democrat to give an account of themselves because, despite my best efforts (Chick hasn't responded to my e-mail, y'see), I can't get an answer to this question: Mr. Kennedy, you say we should vote for your party because - in your own words - of your "principled position on the war". You then go on to imply that your party opposed the war because a second (he means an eighteenth) resolution from the UN Security Council was not forthcoming. The problem with that is the Kosovo camaign - backed by the Lib Dems - did not have a specific UN mandate either. Your begging the question, Charlie-boy: what was the principle on which you opposed the war exactly? I'd really be interested to know...

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