Friday, April 22, 2005

Publicans in frontline to enforce smoking ban

From the Scotsman again: It seems rather harsh to depend on publicans to enforce a ban that'll lose them more business than anyone else.

Despite opposing the ban, I have to say that I'm very curious to see how it'll go. A friend mentioned the other evening the conspicuous lack of success that has followed the smoking ban on public transport and sure enough, the following day some people were puffing away on the bus as I was going to work and on the way home.

I'm a wee bit concerned about the quality of advice that Jack McConnell is receiving. I mean, was there no one on hand to point out, "Jack - smoking ban bad idea; this is Glasgow Jack. You know the place: not California, nor Norway, nor Dublin but the city that is positively Eastern European in its enthusiasm for tobacco, along with most other life-endangering products known to man. Get a reality check"?

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