Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cream crackered

Apologies for light posting...[judicious editing. The walls have ears the council has an IT department]

Still, got broadband, which was very exciting - although had to move a whole lot of shit to accommodate the wiring. Is it just me that fears social work intervention is justified on account of the mess that is exposed when you shift your furniture? You know - fossilised bits of toast, putrifying socks, the general sense that your living space is a theatre of evolution.

Other news: 20% of recent search engine referrals appeared to be looking for this. Look, I'm sorry but I'm afraid it's true; U2 are shite and Bono's a wank. It's not my fault - if you're a fan, look within thyself.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere there are philosophical pearls being cast before swine. For example:
"People make mistakes: that’s why they put rubbers on pencils."
Exactly. Back later.

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