Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sheridan: spanking new party gets off to a swinging start

Further evidence, as if it were needed, that only credulous London Trots think Tommy wus framed. Because his spin doctor certainly doesn't:
"In the latest twist, leaked emails from 7 August, three days after the verdict, report Monaghan saying: 'I belive (sic) that some of the stories about Tommy are true but they are overstated and have added sleaze like drinking and spanking.'"
Then he changed his mind:
"Last night, Monaghan, who is working for the party in on a voluntary basis, said he had been 'playing devil's advocate' during the email discussion.

'My position now is that it was all lies. Everything that was printed about him was lies."
So he's gone from being a swinger that doesn't particularly care to be spanked back to the Scrabble player that likes neither swinging or spanking? Whatever. Anyway, none of this is as embarrassing as the revelation that Gordon Brown likes Coldplay. Pervert!

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