Friday, September 15, 2006

Healthy eating

Been doing a bit of that lately. Nothing insane like a vegetarian diet or anything but lots of foliage, the sort of bread that has field-mouse bones in it, rolls that are covered in bird-seed, white meat - that sort of shit.

I don't think it's natural. I'm fucking starving. And bad-tempered - on account of the fact that I'm fucking starving! I'm losing weight - and if I say so myself, I didn't really need to lose any in the first place.

Dunno of this will make me live longer - but it certainly feels like it.

I need a pizza.

And chocolate.

Because if you eat healthily, to stave off the hunger-pangs you must have to eat 24/7.

And I can't work a shift with a goddam nose-bag on.

Healthy people out there - any advice?

N.B. Interesting fact: Frosties have less sugar and fat per serving than that healthy shit that tastes like it's made out of cardboard and chicken-feed. So there.

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