Friday, January 23, 2009

On blogging and accountability

There's a rumour going around that Steven Pollard was seen outside a primary school dressed in a gimp mask asking children if they'd like to see his puppies.

If the story's untrue, please tell us Mr Pollard - I would like nothing more than to write that it is nonsense...

Update: It seems that this story is indeed completely untrue and we can state without equivocation that Mr Pollard, were he to have a penchant for wearing gimp masks, would only do so in the privacy of his own home.

There's an interesting lesson to be learned here nonetheless. When I phoned Mr Pollard's office, I could get no answer - only a lot of heavy breathing. But as soon as I posted this, he was swift to deny the allegations. Perhaps he should be much swifter with such allegations in the future.

Follow the link here and you'll understand the point I'm making.

Steven Pollard: The question on everyone's lips is, "When did you last beat your wife?"

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