Monday, January 19, 2009

People who use historical analogies are just like the Nazis

Or simply rather dim people who haven't actually read much in the way of history. This is certainly the case when it comes to the present situation in Gaza. The stupidity and viciousness of some people really does astonish. If you fancy a break from shrieking morons read this piece by Peter Ryley. It involves no exaggeration to describe it as light. I would particularly recommend the section - hence the title of the post - on the use of historical analogies. It's not just that they are often misleading because history never repeats itself like a carbon copy; it's that people who are using them are not interested in history but rather the game of guilt by association.

That's the historical point - and while this pagan probably isn't the best person to be making it there's also a small theological one to be made. Monotheists - where are your prophets? Where are those in your midst who will resist this unflinching support for the actions of either the state of Israel or of Hamas that is so uncritical and unqualified that it imputes heresy and even apostasy to any who dissent in even the smallest way? Because this is idolatry.

Clarification: Just occurred to me that this - "It involves no exaggeration to describe it as light." - could be misinterpreted. I mean 'light' as in light in a dark world - not lightweight. Ach, you know what I meant.

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