Thursday, June 25, 2009

People with too much goddamn time on their hands #1

Came across this via the Scottish Unionist:
"The battle for independence has moved into the fruit and veg aisles. A Nationalist politician has written to supermarkets demanding that they translate the English names of fresh produce into their Scots equivalents, such as "tatties", "neeps" and "brambles".

Bill Wilson, the MSP for the West of Scotland, says stores should label goods in their stores according to the most commonly used Scots phrases north of the border.

Wilson says few people use the English names potato, turnip or blackberry, so the big stores should change their labels."
In the Scots tongue, people like Bill Wilson are usually called Time-Wasting Arseholes. In my view, he should be made to wear a label clearly identifying him as such so the rest of us can avoid him.

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