Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scots 'want an independence vote'

We do, apparently - although I'd have to say that no-one asked me...
"An opinion poll commissioned by BBC Scotland has shown a clear majority (58%) of Scots want a referendum on independence next year.

The poll also suggests support for the Union outstrips that for independence from the UK."
If they had, on this evidence I'd say: what's the fucking point? Obviously I'm missing something...
"However, the poll found the percentage of people saying they support independence varies widely depending on how the question is phrased."
Yeah, you tend to find that. Alex Salmond was quick to pick up on this...
"Using the example of the poll suggesting most Scots wanted defence and foreign affairs to be left to Westminster, Mr Salmond said: "If you asked: 'Should we decide whether or not Scottish troops are sent to an illegal war in Iraq', most people would say we should take that decision in Scotland."
Yes, I think we can all agree that's a question set in an impeccably impartial way. If I might be allowed to join in this fantasy multi-option referendums game, could I suggest a question like, "Do you want to be as boring as Belgium?", be included?

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