Sunday, April 25, 2010

Leaders' debate III: SNP launches legal bid

From Scotland on Sunday:
"THE SNP will go to court this week in an extraordinary legal move to block the third crucial party leaders' debate being shown on TV in Scotland if the BBC does not give it a podium place, Scotland on Sunday can reveal."
Jeff at SNP Tactical Voting thinks this is a politically smart move:
"It is a great move, a potential masterstroke with so little time to go until the election itself and a near-guarantee that the SNP will be seen fighting for what it believes in for the remainder of the race."
He might be right about that, although someone with my political disposition is unlikely to think he is. But I'm wondering if it will be considered quite such a good idea when the case actually gets down to the arguments. What are these going to look like?

SNP: It is unfair the Nationalists have been excluded from the UK leaders' debate - so people in Scotland shouldn't get to see it.

BBC: Alex Salmond is not a leader of a UK party and he doesn't want to be the Prime Minister of Britain.

I really don't see where the argument can go beyond that - although I would say that, I suppose. We'll need to see. Meanwhile I have to say you are going to be impressed that the SNP are fighting for what they believe, provided you are convinced what they are fighting for isn't completely stupid. But it is. And parochial. And arrogantly censorious, since Salmond's aim it to stop Scots from watching the telly! I'm sure at least some of the 'Scottish people' agree with me on this and we would like to remind Mr Salmond - again - that he does not speak for us.

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