Wednesday, April 07, 2010

On election 2010 and ageing

There are a host of obvious reason for not voting Tory on May 6th - but if you personally find yourself short of reasons, I'd like you to consider the fact that a Conservative victory will mean that the British Prime Minister is going to be younger than me. And this makes me very unhappy.

Part of a whole reflecting on old age thing for me. People are different nowadays. Take tattoos. The only people who had tattoos when I was young were criminals, bikers (not always distinguishable) and people in the military. Now just about everyone of a certain age has them. I don't mind them, to be honest. But please don't try to tell me - as one ex-girlfriend implied - that there's something rebellious about them. Samantha Cameron has a tattoo, for fuck sake! How anti-establishment is that? Not very, I'm thinking.

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