Friday, April 09, 2010

School gate

It's the name of a middle-class angst-fest blog on the Times, often good for a laugh. Times tables, spelling, homework, music, nutrients! The question here is, as always: are they getting enough? Or perhaps they're getting too much? It's hard to say - which is why we're all living on a knife-edge here...

Anyway, of the many questions it poses its nail-biting readers, I though this one a little odd:
"What are the toilets like at your child's school?"
Well, I would have investigated the matter but the thought occurred to me that lurking around in the boys' toilet in a primary school might be construed as being a little strange - so I have to confess this is a weighty issue surrounding my son's education that I am completely ignorant of. Woe is me!

Update: They are, according to the fruit of my loins, a 'wee bit small'. I don't mind telling you I'm deeply perturbed. What am I supposed to do with this information? Need time to think. Thank God it's the holidays...

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