Thursday, May 12, 2005

Joined up government

Remember back in 1997, Blair said we were going to get "joined-up government"?

Well, we haven't - and here's why. We've had years of relentless tax increases on fags. Not content with that, they're going to ban it in public places. Now they're started picking on fatties, hectoring them for not taking enough exercise and eating too many chips.

Up in Scotland, we get all this crap with bells on: I get e-mails from the Council asking me what I'm going to do for no smoking day (have a fag, whaddya think?) and fatties get lectured even more than they do in England, on account of the Scottish cuisine (deep-fried sugar lump).

Now, it's annoying but I suppose they mean well and want us all to be healthy and live longer.

So why do we get all these lurid statements about the "pensions time-bomb" and complaints about the working population being too small to fund the growing army of crumblies?

I really don't think they've thought this one through.

Update: See, I'd just posted this - popped over to the Grauniad for a quick swatch and this is shuffling its way across that wee bit they have for breaking news.


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