Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Cancer patient to take battle for treatment to high court

You'll have seen this no doubt:
"A breast cancer patient who has been refused the drug Herceptin by her local health authority is to take her case to the high court, her solicitor said today.

Elaine Barber's doctor recommended that she was treated with Herceptin, but the single mother of four received a letter today saying the North Stoke primary care trust refused to treat her on grounds of resources."
Oh, give her the drugs for heavens sake! Resources? I used to work for the NHS as a 'food management specialist' - or a kitchen porter. Despite my lowly role, I - along with everyone else - was sent on an induction course where we learned who our 'internal customers' where and how we could help them. Then we broke into groups and, well, you know the rest.

I've an idea: let's stop paying people to talk complete excrement at the tax-payers expense and spend it on treating patients - even if we're not sure it'll work. That's the kind of public sector efficiency drive I could get into.

Those of you that are still students, I don't mock but rather envy you - but can I warn you of the tidal wave of bullshit that will engulf you when you enter the world of work? Yes, I know most of you have to work just now anyway but believe me, it's going to get much worse.

This is one area of life that really pisses me off and I'm quite happy, and indeed justified, in blaming modern capitalism in general and Americans in particular. Vacuous and all-pervasive management-speak and smoking bans - it's all their fault.

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