Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sir Ian Blair and the great police debate

No doubt this'll go the way of the 'Great Education Debate' in Scotland. "I wasn't aware of that", I hear you say? My point exactly. Still, let's not be too cynical. The Guardian quote him:
"The silence can no longer continue. The citizens of Britain now have to articulate what kind of police service they want."
Nice of him to offer, and I feel the need to do my civic duty so I'm drafting an email. Any suggestions you have would be welcome - so far I've got this:
Dear Ian,

I would like to have the sort of police force that doesn't blow people's heads off when they're travelling on the tube please. I don't get the underground very often, I'm not a terrorist and I don't really think I look like one. But some of your officers don't seem very bright and this, combined with firearms, makes me very nervous indeed.

Other than that, I'm not fussy.

Yours sincerely etc...

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