Monday, December 12, 2005

A couple of silly tests

I did this one that I found at Norm's. It told me I had "scored high on masculinity and low on femininity. You have a traditionally masculine personality." On the politics one, I was quite high on 'economic liberalism' (whatever that means in America, I'm never quite sure) and higher still on 'social liberalism' so I would best be described as a socialist.

These tests are obviously culturally specific since up here I can pass myself off as a sensitive new man type and I've preferred 'liberal' or 'social democrat' for some years now. From this I have drawn the inescapable scientific conclusion that the American male of my age is on average significantly more likely to be:
a) right-wing and

b) a big girl's blouse.
Surely no one can dispute social research of such intellectual and methodical rigour?

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