Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Guardian's purple haze

From the Guardian:
"Opponents of the war in Iraq may be irritated at the triumphal notes emanating from Washington and London after Thursday's peaceful election. George Bush - who mentioned the word "victory" no less than 15 times in a recent speech - called the event "historic". Tony Blair went for "extraordinary and inspiring". The adjectives are not incorrect. But they need context - and a health warning. If the estimated 70% turnout and the mass participation of the Sunni minority can help construct a stable and workable political system it will be more by good luck and the resilience of ordinary Iraqis than the good judgment of the governments which went to war in 2003."
I'll resist the temptation to mock because at least the editorial recognises the further routinisation of politics in Iraq that this election represents as a positive development - not a universally shared opinion amongst some opponents of the war, I would guess.

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