Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Santa too scary for children, says government

From the Scotsman:
"THE highlight of any Christmas party for generations of children has been the moment when the lights dim, voices hush and the sound of sleigh bells signals the imminent arrival of Santa Claus.

But that magic moment has come under threat from government advisers who have told teachers that children should be protected from the "terrifying" appearance of Santa at school Christmas parties."
Mr F. Christmas in a heated exchange with Education Department officials on Newsnight said: "This government too scary for Santa".

Update: Missed the bit at the bottom - the Department of Education's advice on having a 'Green Christmas':
"CHILDREN should give 'experiences' instead of Christmas presents and stop sending cards to cut waste, according to government advice.

Teachers should encourage children to send electronic cards and to decorate reusable plastic trees, the advice from the Department for Education's Teachernet website said."
Experiences. It said children should give experiences.

It's enough to make you an anarchist, or a Restorationist, or something, anything...

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