Thursday, February 09, 2006

Cartoon debate officially over

For me, anyway. There's now no response one can make to anything without putting 'Egypt' in the sentence. For instance:
"British imams have demanded changes in the law and a strengthening of the Press Complaints Commission code to outlaw any possible publication of the cartoons of the prophet Muhammad in the UK."
What, in Egypt? No, here apparently. Or to this other piece from the PA via the Guardian:
"Muslim scholars holding emergency talks called for a change in the law to stop insulting pictures of the Prophet Muhammad being published."
What, in Egypt? Er, no - here. And again:
"He said there had not been such an insult to Islam since Salman Rushdie published his book, the Satanic Verses."
There was also a strikingly similar one about five months ago in Egypt.
"It is as if the media around the world just don't get it, the publication of an image of the Prophet Muhammad in itself is a deep insult."
Indeed - and I think we can now all agree that one place they certainly don't get it is Egypt.

See what I mean? We're done with this lunacy.

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