Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Moss goes from rehab clinic to Britain's most stylish woman

So saith the Scotsman:
"SIX months ago, her career was deemed to be in tatters after she was filmed apparently snorting cocaine in a recording studio.

But in yet another chapter of her dramatic fall and rise, the catwalk queen Kate Moss has been voted the most stylish British woman of all time."
It's not 'dramatic' at all. Part of the reason for this is because she was filmed "apparently snorting cocaine in a recording studio" - that's rather the problem with it.

There is no message about drugs in the make-believe world of Kate Moss. Better warnings are found in the experiences of people who fuck up their lives with class A drugs and junkie boyfriends and end up with their kids being taken into care rather than their 'struggles' being recounted on the pages of celebrity gossip magazines. But by definition you don't hear about them too often.

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