Sunday, February 12, 2006

Scotland's smoking ban gets even more bizarre

From the Scotsman:
"In another bizarre exception to Scotland's smoking legislation, The Scotsman has learned that police vehicles will not be designated as public places and, therefore, will be exempt. Driving instructors who use their own cars will also be allowed to smoke in front of students.

The revelations are expected to add to mounting confusion over the Scottish Executive bar on smoking in enclosed public places from 26 March.

Earlier this week, The Scotsman exposed a string of apparent anomalies in the legislation. While smoking will be banned indoors on Caledonian Mac-Brayne ferries to the islands, it will be allowed on the Rosyth to Zeebrugge ferry; while company cars will be exempt, vans and tractors will not be."
Think I've got it: tractors are a 'public place'; police cars are not. The solution as I see it is to get yourself jailed for smoking in a public place - then at least you'll be able to finish your fag in the car.

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