Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Heads summoned to Mr Blair's office

Warming to familiar themes, Mr Blair has declared that Newness and Leadership hold the key to solving the problem of really shit inner-city comprehensives:
"[H]ead teachers and business leaders were called to step inside the Big Black Door of Number 10 to hear the prime minister's endorsement of a project designed to find a new type of school leader.

Future Leaders - a title with no shortage of connotations for the Labour party - is a project designed to recruit and train an elite group of teachers to take charge of the toughest inner-city schools."
'Future Leaders'. Yes, you read correctly. They will be better than 'Past Leaders' on account that they will be even less acquainted with what actually goes on in a classroom than their predecessors - who have now been rendered obsolete by History. That'll fix it:
"Instead of clawing their way up the career ladder over several decades, these fast-tracked, crack troops of the education sector could be deputies after two years and head teachers after four years."
It said 'crack troops'. As opposed to 'troops on crack'. That wouldn't be good.

Yes I know I've broken my New Year's resolution already. But honestly!


dearieme said...

Aye, and they'll last a thousand years. Or hours, as the case may be.

Simon said...

This "future leaders" stuff is as trendy as f**k in the public sector. My wife is 2/3s of the way through a very expensive residential training process at which they discuss bollocks (sorry that should be "state of the art scientific insights into management in the modern workplace') and get fed nice meals three times a day.

My mate over the road, a "future leader" teacher is looking to go back and work on the rigs.


dearieme said...

And your job, Shuggy, is to train the Future Followers.

james higham said...

If you can't solve a problem, dress it up in New-speak and glossy brochures.

David Duff said...

Truly, Shuggy, I don't know how you stand it! I would not wish to become all soppy and dewy-eyed but educating children is, or ought to be, one of the most inspirational of professions. To be 'up the sharp end' and continually hammered is bad enough, but then to hear the top, TOP brass talking absolute bollocks would make me weep - or howl with rage.

George S said...

The leaders and their managerial cohort will get deep-pile carpets, company cars and big salaries, and you lot will get deep-pile crap, freezing classrooms, frozen wages and inspectors snapping at your frozen brains with quadruple forms of mass destruction. The crack-troop leaders will be fast-tracked, you will be just fast-cracked.

Did I say 'will?' No, that's not the future, it's the present. This is speaking from HE land. There it is always crucifixions and Eric Idle.

But remember Keynes. In the long run...

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