Thursday, January 18, 2007

Statistical aberration?

With company last night and during conversation discovered three of those present had visited a leper colony, whereas two of us had never felt the need to do this.

Given that we non-visitors of leper colonies represented only 40% of the sample my first instinct was to assume said sample was highly unrepresentative and frankly a bit odd.

But perhaps not. One should be open to new ideas and experiences so I'm doing a straw poll: if you're reading this, have you ever visited a leper colony and if so, why would you do this? Did you go because you felt it was the sort of thing right-thinking people should do but didn't particularly enjoy it? Or did you go because you thought it would be fun? I have to know. Answers in the comments please.


dearieme said...

Och, you must at some time have been in Liberton, Shuggy? = Leper Town.

Don said...

You're bloody wierd, Shuggy. But as it happens, when I was teaching at a Thai uni about 20 years ago (God, I feel old typing that) we had an association with Phud Hong in Nakhon Si Thammarat and twice a year a delegation was expected to show up with donations and good will. Declining the chance meant you were a wimp - although my colleagues were way too polite to make that explicit.

It was very well run and everyone seemed sorted and independent. Didn't really enjoy the day, though. Felt like a twat, to be honest. Not quite sure why.

desfaber said...

Yeah, never felt the need to go visit a leper colony and I don't really see that changing.

Anonymous said...

Wow Shuggy, what a great new way for your friends to feel good about themselves. Maybe it's time to get some better friends.

Anonymous said...

How many leper colonies do you have in Scotland for heavens sake? Are they somewhere to take the kids on a rainy Saturday afternoon?

Shuggy said...

Maybe it's time to get some better friends.

Eh? Why?

How many leper colonies do you have in Scotland for heavens sake?

None to my knowledge - they were abroad.

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