Tuesday, April 08, 2008

For liberal learning

Excellent stuff in defence of this here, here, here, and here.

I'd like to add something to all this though - something that those unacquainted with the education system in this country may be unaware of. And particularly those who insist on a narrow utilitarian, instrumentalist, value for money, make sure the tax-payer is getting his or her recompense, philistine view of education: this model of education usually fails to deliver even the dismal targets it sets for itself. You doubt me? Ask any employer. Why is this? Because it is a mentality that encourages both pupils and teachers, students and lecturers, to devalue their vocation - that's why.

Update: Oh, and here too. This is the joy of the blogosphere for me. No-one in the MSM writes stuff like this. Come to think of it, no-one in the mainstream of the blogosphere writes like this. Reason: they want jobs in the MSM. Or is this unkind?

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