Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sex-addict Tory peer, Lord Laidlaw, gives £1m to charity

This would be a charity to help people like Lord Laidlaw himself who are suffering from this terrible affliction:
"One of the Conservative Party’s richest donors is to give £1 million to help people who become obsessed with sex, after he admitted to battling against a sexual addiction throughout his adult life."
You wouldn't have thought someone could reach the age of 65 and still be such a stranger to the human condition. Being 'obsessed with sex' isn't an illness you need therapy for, you dumb tax-dodging parasite. Who isn't obsessed with sex? Nature demands it, does she not? What the 'sex-addicted' are suffering from that the rest of us aren't is rather the opportunity. Like this sort of thing, for example:
"The [News of the Screws] reported that he paid for groups of prostitutes to fly to Monte Carlo, where he lives as a tax exile, for allnight parties at the luxury Hermitage Hotel. Some of the women used cocaine during the parties, although Lord Laidlaw did not."
Because even on those occasions where good sense cannot restrain the goat within us all, the slide into ruin is nevertheless never quite so dramatic - largely on account of the fact that this kinda shit is rather beyond our means.

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