Sunday, March 21, 2010

'Barrel', 'fish' and 'shooting' come to mind...

When one reads this sanctimonious tosh from Neil Robertson on the Liberal Navel-Gazing site:
"I cannot, in good conscience, exercise my legally-guaranteed right to participate in the democratic process when tens of thousands of Britons are illegally deprived of theirs. For that reason, I will be staying at home come election day. Not out of apathy, nor out of a lack of available alternatives, but as a small protest against a big injustice."
As for myself, I'm not going to brush my teeth for a week in a protest against world poverty. Of course there's the problem that no-one will notice - and even those who do are unlikely to ask why. Most likely I'll be lumped together with those lazy bastards who can't be arsed with dental hygiene. There's the same problem with Mr Roberston's 'protest' - only more so.

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